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Warm up those kidneys in Winter


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Warm up those kidneys in Winter

Mander Thiara

'  Harmoni5e -  Traditional Chinese medicine uses a theory based on 5 elements, each season has a corresponding element and organ, for winter the element is water and the organs are the kidneys and bladder. With each season change, the associated organ generally is more challenged. 


In nature, this is the season that many animals hibernate, this is to store energy for the forthcoming seasons, looking to nature gives us clues on how we could maximise our health potential, as the energy is in decline, we should naturally do less,  but often the result is through the festive season we do more.    

Keeping the kidneys warms, is a step closer to more energy, as the will to keep going comes from our kidneys. 

Here are some tips on getting through winter safely, but firstly lets look at some of the common signs that the kidneys and bladder may need support .

  • Asthma, cold limbs, weak back and/or knees, incontinence, bedwetting, tinnitus, constipation, night sweats, insomnia, diarrhea, poor physical and/or mental development, weak bones, teeth, poor memory, poor libido and reproductive issues
  • Weaknesses in the kidney can lead to issues such as shortness of breath, asthma, and/or fatigue

Keeping warm and in particular the kidney region is one of the  ways to support the water energy, there are many solutions to this, such as a simple kidney warmer.

Top tips for Winter to support your kidneys

1) Drink plenty of water, ideally room at temperature 

2) Keep your lower back warm

3) Balance work rest and play 

4) Increase your intake of warming foods, such as soups and stews

5) Avoid raw and cooling foods such a salads where possible 

Acupuncture is a great way of keeping the body fit for winter, using acupuncture in a 'preventative  way can ensure the body is kept strong, and a strong immune system is needed to keep the body functioning at its best.

As my father always used to say 'health is wealth'