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Classical Five Element Acupuncture in Leamington Spa. Many common conditions are regularly treated, to include sciatica, back pain, headaches migraines,depression,anxitey,stress,fertility and many more. A quick phone call can help you understand how Acpuncture can help you.


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Harmoni5e and achieve balance against the Six evils

Mander Thiara

Seasonal disorders bring regular and predictable illnesses, this view was also held by the ancient Greeks and ancient Egyptians, catching a cold is common phrase that we all tend to use rather than contracting a virus or infection.

With each season, the climate can impact upon our health, the exogenous pathogenic factors are known as the six evils:

  • Wind (feng)                                              
  • Cold  (han)
  • Heat (re)
  • Dampness (shi)
  • Dryness(zao)
  • Fire (huo)

These evils can bring disease they are also essential to life, no wet season and there no crops, no summer sun, and the crops will not ripen. However if the six evils become excessive or abnormally extreme or of the body is weakened the body's inner balance will lead to ill health.

Wind is associated with Spring - wind problems can occur at any time of year. The movement is outwards and and upwards and tends to attack the surface and upper parts including head, upper torso and limbs. Surface sweating is often a symptom, dizziness, tremors and unusual spasms are also linked to Wind. 

So protect yourself, keep ensure your body is protected agonist the winds, especially the upper torso.


How Prolactinoma changed the life of a Warwickshire Sports Woman - A personal journey to manage health & fitness

Mander Thiara

This is a story of a local sports woman from Warwickshire who was diagnosed with Prolactinoma and was forced to make some life changing choices.  Her life went from competitive sports to ill health and now to a focused approach on managing her health,with the aid of 5 Element Acupuncture.

From a young age Catherine has been very active in competitive sports, she has ran at a national level, running from a very young age and went on to represent England in the home nations triathlon championships and Great Britain in her age group from 1999 through to 2003. Catherine is now more actively balancing her life and is having regular treatments to support her health requirements. 

Mander Thiara LicAc, MBAcC

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Sciatica - the complementary way

Mander Thiara

Source: Woman's Weekly

          Date/Issue: 15 April 2014

Acupuncture is well researched in connection to sciatica pain relief.

The common signs

  • It's main manifestation is radiating pain in the lower back and legs. It usually radiates from the lumbar region (lower back).  Normally it starts on one side from the lumbar region and can travel down the buttocks, back of the thigh, knee, lateral side of the leg and lateral side of the dorsum of the foot.
  • Most sciatica is due to prolapse of a lumbar intervertebral disc.

During the diagnosis, particular attention will be given to the location and type of pain i.e. is it fixed, how it affects mobility, when bending forward and backward as well as turning.  Sometimes the damp cold weather also aggravates the condition.


Can you reset your sex life?

Mander Thiara

An acupuncture session is ideal to get you in the mood. Make the perfunctory extraordinary again with our guide to making the sparks fly.

There are many reasons cited within this article that explain the most common problems that are the cause of sexual issues, from an Acupuncture perspective, we help restore and harmoni5e body mind and emotions, boost up and help increase energy levels, this is done by balancing the energy that travels in the meridians. Making love connects two people together, resolves tensions and frustrations whilst making one's relationship more solid and meaningful.   

Source: Men's Health

Date/Issue: 11 April 2014

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