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Classical Five Element Acupuncture in Leamington Spa. Many common conditions are regularly treated, to include sciatica, back pain, headaches migraines,depression,anxitey,stress,fertility and many more. A quick phone call can help you understand how Acpuncture can help you.

Self help guides

Ginger Compress

Ginger has been widely used in Chinese medicine, and today many acupuncture treatments in the west often use ginger compress as a self help aid to help with a number of conditions.

The benefits of this herbal medicine is partly due to its warming properties and partly down to it's pungent  properties.

Using Ginger as a herbal remedy can have a very stimulating effect on the heart and circulation of the blood.  Dealing with colds during winter is challenging for some, and ginger is particularity effective for those individuals.   

This herbal treatment is also very useful for muscular aches and pains, joint stiffness and in topical alleviation of stomach cramps.

Ginger has a warming effect, this is noticed through it's yang energetic, if you have ever grated ginger, you may have noticed its strong aroma filling the room, this is known as a yang effect.  Ginger also has a dispersing effect, for this reason it can be very effective in breaking down the build up of mucus within soft tissues, Inflammatory conditions such as bronchitis, prostate infection, bladder inflammation, and brings relief to congestive conditions such as asthma. 

Making your own ginger compress

  • Fresh ginger roots, ( use ginger if  fresh ginger is not available) 4-5 oz. 
  • A large heavy pot with a lid. The pot should hold at least 1 gallon of liquid, and should keep its contents hot.
  • One gallon of water
  • A grater (preferably a porcelain grater)
  • One large, thick bath towel
  • Two or three smaller cotton kitchen towels
  • A small cotton bag or old sock, which can be closed tightly by string or a thick elastic band. Make such a bag and use it solely for preparing ginger water.
  • Rubber gloves

Applying a ginger compress:

  1. Place the grated ginger in a cotton bag, or old sock, and squeeze out the ginger juice into a pot containing 1 gallon of hot water kept just below the boiling point (if you boil, you will lose the power of the ginger).
  2. Dip a towel into the ginger water (preferably a 100% cotton towel), wring it out tightly and apply (very hot, be careful not to scald yourself, test the towel temperature on a small section of your forearm before you conduct this treatment in full ) directly to the area to be treated.
  3. A second, dry towel can be placed on top to reduce heat loss. Apply a fresh hot towel every 2-3 min. until the skin becomes red. Complete duration for the compress should be about 25-30 minutes.


Root Ginger

Please note there are contradictions to the use of a ginger compress, if you are thinking of using this herbal remedy, please do contact me for further advice prior any form of application.