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Classical Five Element Acupuncture in Leamington Spa. Many common conditions are regularly treated, to include sciatica, back pain, headaches migraines,depression,anxitey,stress,fertility and many more. A quick phone call can help you understand how Acpuncture can help you.



Testimony Pav (Coventry)

"For many years I have been unable to reach the physical heights that I once achieved, although still relatively young I struggled to feel great on a day to day basis.
 Mander not only helped me physically, but mentally. He was able to pin point certain thought processes that contributed to my physical problems I had been experiencing. 
Mander shows real care and attention during our sessions, he made me feel comfortable and at ease at all times. 

I have improved dramatically physically and mentally over the past few months and I thank Mander for all his help.
I would recommended Mander to anyone who is looking into receiving acupuncture treatment."

Sept 2015




Mander knew exactly what he was doing, and had a vast amount of knowledge of this treatment which allowed him to pinpoint exactly what my problems were and how to go about treating them. The professionalism and personable nature that Mander has allowed me to feel at ease and made the treatment comfortable and an enjoyable experience 

I never knew if acupuncture would work for me so went in for treatment not knowing what to expect, but came out very happy and will certainly recommend Mander to anyone who is looking at acupuncture as a treatment or looking for an alternative eastern therapy.

July 2013, Shameela 



"I started my Acupuncture treatments with Mander as I was concerned about my increasing levels of anxiety. Due to Mander's help I have noticed a reduced difference in my anxiety, and in addition the treatments have helped me address some of the reasons for me being anxious, which has been a realbenefit and pleasure to me.I look forward to continued growth and progression".

Karen Warwickshire


Choosing a health professional is like choosing a good business partner: the key ingredients are trust and confidence – trust in knowing that the connection that is created will be the best for my personal needs, and confidence in knowing that I can get the level of treatment I require. There are many complementary treatments available: Mander offers a number of therapies yet he took time to understand my needs before giving the treatment ‘I thought I needed/wanted!’ His approach is quite different from many practitioners I have seen in the past and is centered around the person, not the symptoms. He was able to see beyond my symptoms and help harmoni5e my body, mind and spirit. Although to date I have only had three treatments; the changes are really noticeable on all levels: my energy levels are up, I’m managing the demands on me differently and my overall wellbeing is enhanced. I know that it is important to regularly look after me (mind, body & spirit) so that I can give my best to my clients. From time to time, we all need external support and it takes personal commitment and self respect to look for the support, and work with the therapist. I can recommend Mander Thiara for his immense contribution to the world of healing and what he has done for me. Anyone considering having treatment, don’t hesitate on booking your course of treatments with him. His approach is to help you realise how to Harmoni5e your life. September 9, 2011
Top qualities: Great Results , Expert
Sue May 2011,



Mander provided high quality acupuncture services to my family in a highly considerate and professional manner and we are indebted to him for helping resolve issues that we were trying manage


August 1 2013, 


I have been having acupuncture with Mander Thiara for a year now. Initially Mander treated my coccyx problem but I now have regular monthly treatments in order to feel a healthier and well balanced individual. I believe the holistic care I receive from Mander to be central to the success of each session. I plan to continue with regular appointments of acupuncture in the future. Thus is my commitment to this type of health care -

Julie May 2011


I have suffered for a number of years with back pain, originally caused by an injury, that has never quite healed. Recently suffered a painful relapse and was proscribed medication and a course of physiotherapy.

Unfortunately the medication did not agree with me at all and if anything generated a worse feeling than the original pain itself. And although the physio and related exercises have helped me to achieve a gradual improvement, I still suffer whenever sitting for long periods of time. Which in turn affects my ability to work and visit clients.

Intrigued by Mander's presentation I arranged a short consultation session, during which Mander asked pertinent questions and explained in simple terms the methodology in some of his treatments.

While receiving a session of treatment to improve my circulation in the affected area, Mander continued his diagnosis and discovered an issue that neither my GP nor the Physiotherapist had uncovered.

With one well placed needle Mander entirely dissolved a very focused area of pain, and I was able to leave the clinic feeling virtually pain free for the first time in nearly two months.

I had never received acupuncture before, and I have to admit I am completely converted. The instant effect of what appears to be such a simple procedure is quite incredible, and I shall be returning for more sessions.

Thank you

Nick Stragnell

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