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Classical Five Element Acupuncture in Leamington Spa. Many common conditions are regularly treated, to include sciatica, back pain, headaches migraines,depression,anxitey,stress,fertility and many more. A quick phone call can help you understand how Acpuncture can help you.


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I'd sent off for adoption papers... a week later I was pregnant: Weather girl Clare Nasir on her quest to be a mother


Clare Nasir is a mother now

From surgery to acupuncture and IVF, the former GMTV presenter enthuses about her new role as a parent and her battle to regain her figure

Blinking back tears, Clare Nasir took in every last detail of the tiny newborn cradled in her arms.

It was November 2009 and this moment had often seemed an agonising impossibility.

The former GMTV weather girl had been told by doctors she was possibly infertile – she and her husband, BBC6 DJ Chris Hawkins, had already failed to conceive with invitro fertilisation (IVF).

But today Clare, 41 – who was photographed last year in an unflattering green bikini while exercising to lose her baby-weight, and a few months later released a fitness DVD that became a best-seller – enthuses about her new role as a parent to 21-month-old Sienna.

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Mander Thiara of Harmoni5e Five Element healing offers Acupuncture treatments to enhance chances of  fertility.

For further details, contact Mander on

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"Anxiety and Acupuncture"


Anxiety is more than just being anxious. Just as migraine sufferers get righteously indignant when someone claims to be a fellow sufferer but can still get to work, eat and stand the daylight, so anxiety sufferers know that they bear only the slightest resemblance to people who feel a bit nervous or have ‘butterflies in the tummy.’ Clinical anxiety is a crippling affliction which can sometimes defy all of the medications and talking therapies that someone can throw at it.

Why, then, has acupuncture been found to be successful in treating it? The main reason is that in conventional medicine, there is no single treatment for each sufferer as each person has differing symptoms. However, in traditional acupuncture every patient is considered to be unique, and this means that the practitioners will be looking and listening very carefully to everything that the patient says to establish a diagnosis and find the specific keys to unlocking the patterns of the symptoms the patient is suffering. They will aim to identify the imbalances which cause the symptoms of anxiety, not just treat the symptoms themselves. This whole ‘package’ – taking the patient’s individual story seriously and giving them time to tell it, trying to hone precisely the diagnosis, and selecting the optimum way to use the least needles to achieve the greatest effect – has been found to be very effective.

The theory of traditional acupuncture is very straightforward. The free flow and internal balance of energy (Qi) is seen in eastern medicine as essential for good health. Any prolonged exposure to extremes or intense situations, be they physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, will cause the flow and balance to be affected. This disruption in balance then ripples through the whole system, causing symptoms which sometimes bear little apparent relation to the underlying causes. An acupuncturist’s skill lies in making sense of seemingly unconnected symptoms and understanding the unique nature of someone’s energies in such a way as to restore balance. A treatment plan may simply involve needles and moxibustion, the use of a warming herb, and tui na, a form of traditional Chinese massage, but can extend to address issues in someone’s diet, their exercise patterns and their lifestyle.

People sometimes ask why, if acupuncture is so successful, there isn’t much research to back up its claims and make it more freely available within conventional care.  A major reason for this is the unique nature of treatment which resists putting people in pigeon holes and which changes as the person’s balance begins to improve. Both of these confound attempts to organise research according to western models where a named condition receives a single treatment and all other variables are taken out of the equation. In Chinese medicine the variables are called patients!

Where do our patients with anxiety come from? Word of mouth still remains the most common and most reliable form of referral, and more people have had acupuncture than you think. If you ask around your support groups you are almost certain to find someone who has tried acupuncture and found that it works. Perhaps this time it’s your turn!

People also usually want to know whether the treatment will ‘stick’, whether they have to keep on having acupuncture. Some don’t – a single course of treatment can set them on a good path which, as long as their life remains well-balanced and relatively stress-free, means that they will stay anxiety-free. Many, though, like to keep ‘tuned up’, and realise that spending a fraction of what they spend on keeping their cars roadworthy keeps the driver in good shape too.

Source British Acupuncture Council

Harmoni5e five element healing donating to local Charity football match helps raise hundreds for Warwick Hospital unit


To support the PLAYERS from a successful former Sunday league, Mander business owner of Harmoni5e Five Element Healing  further commented ' the night was very successful  it brought together, under one roof, friends and family, the support that former manger gave to the team was still felt  to this day by many of the former players, the celebration of such a wonderful man   was felt by all'

The presentation evening raised £725 for The Aylesford Unit at Warwick Hospital where Mr Timms received care before he died of cancer aged 62 two years ago.

The Hydros won a league and cup double in the 1980



Learning from life's lessons


So many of us  believe that the greatest teacher is life and the lessons are often hard to learn. This is why learning from a human teacher is  considered so helpful. Nature  is of course  a teacher, teaching us what each element can bring us as a seasonal gift, but if we could learn from nature, we would not need a teacher. So what can a human teacher bring us? What is their role?

On one level their guidance on helping us extract wisdom from life's lessons.

There are of course many people who can give us this advice, so what do we seek?  We seek a spiritual teacher that can leave their own agenda to one side and are willing to take responsibility for our spiritual growth.

Many are willing to share ideas and inspiration with you. But few indeed are willing to say, "This is the practice that will optimise your heart’s growth at this time."

So the question is, why do we seek outside help? Do we search endlessly for solutions to our problems, or do we simply have all the answers available to us, but choose  to get distracted in this world, keeping the mind busy therefore we refrain from tackling our core issues, so ultimately are we detracting from nourishing our Mind, Heart and Spirit?.

Igniting new business, business owners receive their first fire cupping demonstration with Mander Thiara



A great presentation by Mander Thiara at our BNI meeting, introducing us to his knowledge and expertise in Eastern medicine and healing techniques. Mander practices 5 Element Acupuncture and has received some very positive testimonials from members of the chapter who have attended his clinic for treatment.

Acupuncture and related treatments including 'cupping' shown above, have been in use for thousands of years. Some of the most common conditions that Mander treats are, headaches, stress, back pain and in fact pain of any kind. But he is keen to stress that the approach is to address the person as a whole and not focus on just a symptom, but to find and repair the cause.


Leamington Live!- Educational Healing



Leamington Live

The Leamington Live Event was held in Royal Leamington Saturday 30th April 2011.The event, which celebrates style, arts and culture within the town proves to be very popular and based on last year’s positive feedback of the event, I teamed up once again with Creative Health Centre and  offered taster sessions of Acupuncture and Indian Head Massage.  The overall experience was well received, the event also proved to be very educational for the public, experiencing treatments first hand, whilst passers by were surprised to see how ‘painless’ the needles really are.  All sorts of conditions were being tackled, muscular to emotional, it was pleasing to see and hear the high levels of interest for  these therapies from such a diverse range of age groups.