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Long- Lasting reduction of blood pressure by electroacupuncture


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Long- Lasting reduction of blood pressure by electroacupuncture

Mander Thiara


Sixty-five patients with mild to moderate hypertension (systolic blood pressure (BP) ≥140–180 mm Hg and/or diastolic BP 90–95 mm Hg) not currently on antihypertension medication were randomised to EA in two different point combinations. Patients were treated once per week for 8 weeks

The main outcomes were peak and average systolic BP and diastolic BP, assessed by 24 h ambulatory monitoring before and after each treatment.

Additionally, changes in renin, aldosterone, norepinephrine, and epinephrine activity levels were measured.


 Treatment at PC5-6/ST36-37 led to a significant decrease in systolic BP from the second treatment onwards, and diastolic BP from the third treatment. In contrast, treatment at LI6-7/GB37-39 led to no significant changes in BP. There were significant differences between the groups at the final reading (8 weeks). Similar changes were seen in the peak systolic BP and mean BP in the two groups. There was no change in heart rate.

Li P, Tjen-A-Looi SC, Cheng L, et al. Long-lasting reduction of blood pressure by electroacupuncture in patients with hypertension: randomized controlled trial. Med Acupuncture 2015;27:253–66